5 Habits That Have Kept Me Balanced Throughout This Pandemic

We went from having a full schedules to having to self discipline our self into health habits. This Virgo helps you get organized with your mental, physical, and emotional self during all of this quality time.

Journaling - I have to journal my emotion and mental health. It is a way I relief myself from my own burdens of self criticism. It's a physical representation of my evolution. When I go back read my journal, it's like watch my life play out in my head helps me analyze my change, strength, and worth. This gives me clear thoughts on my wants and appreciate the now.

Pampering - There was a period in life, actually not so far away, where I wouldn't look in the mirror. Not because I thought I was ugly. It actually kept my humbleness in check. I didn't want to analyze and criticize the love I had for myself. I didn't have to look in the mirror for my value. Plus when I looked into the mirror I would do one or two things. Tear myself down with hyper pigmentation, the fact that I wore glasses and could see my beauty naturally, just crazy things. If not those crazy things, then the Europe beauty standards I met. Now, I enjoy my skin routines, doing make up dental care because it makes me feel good. It's not part of my self love physical edition routine. It's always a joy when your outside looks like your inside.

Creativity - I struggled in the creativity department. I don't create to talk shit. I create to uplift. My crafts do not come from other people's downfall, well that's not my intention. I create for other's to be honest with themselves, but since we are not able to have the full human interaction I struggled. I continued to get the "I'm okay", "I'm fine" answers when the truth is we are all impacted in someway with this pandemic. It's interrupting people's facade, including mine, with actuality. Out of this actuality I am learning to create from a "here and now" oppose to "what's to come" vision. This allows an overflow of abundance and gratitude over the weeks in this pandemic.

Streaming - I have watched some of the craziest shows on my streaming apps. I went as far as watching movies in a different language with subtitles like Money Heist. I have enjoyed them. Some of the shows are popular, but majority are new shows that the streaming service has suggested. I am bothered that the hold series of Jurassic Park is not streaming. That hurts my feelings. That is a favorite. One time for all of the black classics Netflix and Hulu has provided. Living Single and Love Jones! Then, Insecure season 4 dropped. Streaming shows gave me a sense of normalcy when it came to conversations with others that are in the house. Comment some of your favorites that you would like for me to check out below.

Meditation - Some categorize meditation as journaling, which it is, but for me it's yoga. The physical representation of releasing the tension in my body. This yoga can most definitely start off as a fitness work out and extend to yoga. Strength and flexibility is a thing that needs to be applied in the mental. I think a lot people use the word "compromise" as the mental definition of strength and flexibility. Everything I do not have to be weighed at once. I weigh one thing at time, even as a proficient multitasker.


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