Who Should Apologize First?

Quick recap. Issa asked Molly to ask her boyfriend if he could get an artist to perform at her dream Block Party. Molly said no because she don't want those kind of favors in the mist of her "I'm ready to settle down, this is something serious relationship". Issa did what she had to do and pulled out her catfacts. Issa called Nate who's Molly's boyfriend's best friend and boom. She had the hottest Block party in LA, and now Issa and Molly are Lowkey Done.

I think Issa is vulnerable to friendship at the moment because she is exploring a new part of herself. All of her wants and desires are coming forward, which are now driving her basic needs. Supporting friends. With Condola disappearing and Issa being left with friends that have doubted her, held out on valuable information, and chose themselves in a pivotal moment of excellence. I would have to look for something better other too.

Issa's block party was solely based off of her helping the community, and in this episode that same motto is playing out in her life. Helping the lady in the grocery store was a form of "helping the community", but honestly thank God her card declined. I don't have any kids because there is a high possibility my boobs may get tired and I have to decide formula or gas. It's always gas vs something else. Back to Issa. The will to drop a random old man to his destination plays into helping the community. At the end of each scenerio was a lesson, lady at the grocery store for example. Issa's heart was in the right place, but the deed failed. In the scene with old man, George. The deed was tallied. It took a lot longer with an opportunity to jump ship,but Ice-ah stayed ten toes. I think the opening of the door to a part time parent was a glimpse in Issa's relationship with her parents. Now to these three (fill in the blank). First off, no one put down a toilet seat cover before sitting down. Doing for the community comes with a bill. I was happy for Issa getting out and doing new things, meeting new people, all in one day. Go Issa. One thing about flourishing in life you have the tendency to run into the same people with new faces. Deena gives me the 'All About Me' Tiffany vibes. Raynel, I think that's what I heard, is 'Clueless' Kelly, and McKenzie is the 'Opportunistic' Molly. Getting what they need and moving along is not surprising at this moment in Issa's life, right?

Mama's. We just love our Mamas. Experienced in fuck ups and wisdom, but Mamas can be trifling too. Starting with a lazy man with terrible kids that you distinctly add STEP- in front of. Applause for Rachel Raquel Robinson, she gives me crazy and sublet, a black mama. Watching Issa get a hug from unconditional love after a day of trying and being tried, is the reset that she needed. SELF CARE SUNDAY ! Quick sidenote "Little Girl Be Fair, Show Yourself You Care" come on with the subliminal.

First off, nothing is more comfortable than comfortable clothes and blunt for a mental reset, or wine. The price runs about the same. Freedom dancing, future planning, for the win. How can you be mad at Issa for doing what she needed to do to push

forward her dream. As long as I can lift my leg, bend my knee, and shift my weight, yeahhhh I will step over you too. Same concept with going around you. You want to be left out cool, there's more than one way to skin a cat. You can't be upset with being left out when you said you wanted to be left out, and I will not apologize.

Favorite Scene: Mirror Issa in the grocery store line comment below your favorite scene in Lowkey Done Episode


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