Okay okay okay. I love a good thriller especially a tv thriller because the suspense last longer and the story line is more complete. 'The Outsider' is hitting all the high notes as far as eire, gruesome, and curious.

Straight out the gate, the death is gruesome, but then again this is based off a Stephen King novel. The best part about Stephen King’s story lines are they are ordinary. Ordinary as in the characters and how the correspond to one another, then add the drama.

So the coach killed the kid, there is video evidence, finger prints, and now the finding of the clothes. Terry did it, but Terry was also seen on a video at the same time of the crime in a different city. What we know as watchers is that the “outsider” is a spirit that is taking or some how creating itself into a full double of the characters. Anyways. They call in what is being described in the show crazy, I love to call it Black Girl Magic, Cynthia Ervio aka Holley Gibney, to see the unseen. She’s so weird in this one but she plays it so well. She can see what has been, and the major key to her black girl magic is her ability not only to ask questions, but allow people to tell you what you need without asking questions. That is magic I don't think people realize how much they overshare. Working on it people, just not in "The Outsider".

"The Outsider" HBO

I am so ready for Sundays because it literally makes me lay in the bed looking through my fingers lot of of "I don't know" but the suspense is EVERYTHING. You have to watch in detail because the show in detail. I love details can't you tell. I am just excited to see how in the hell Holley is going to unlock this. There is a second victim and I want to see his role. I think the "outsider" is using his to penetrate the police force. Oh and there is a little girl. There is always a little girl. I have a feeling her and Holley are going to come together. It's magic.


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