No Title Please

Okay you got me. I really do choose to be oblivious to a guy liking me. It’s only one of two things of why I am being oblivious. One, I’m not attracted to you. Simple. I know I have the tendency to become shallow when it comes to attraction physically. But I can’t help I have particulars. Two, I like you too & titles are the crazy part.

Titles run people ragged. Titles make people forget the simplicity of relationships. The innocence of a new relationship makes my throat tight as fuck. I know, not what you were expecting, but it’s because I love that shit. Well, when it’s worth the wild. I haven’t had a worth wild moment in a while. There are 73% of chance I don’t allow it. Due to the same 27% chance I do. Fear. Fear of commitment. No. Fear of not learning the lessons that have been taught these last few times. I still can’t gauge my “dumb for the dick” until it’s too late. Then again, I don’t feel I’ve met anyone that’s worth not being oblivious too. I go out by myself for the attraction of good conversation from men. I know men are physical, but I love psyching them out with amazing conversation. After a while it becomes a yawn and a stretch, then home by myself. I never get the bite back that I seek. A lesson in self assurance. A sure or half way sure man. Normally they are ready for I do's and give a vague description of success. Not saying I have it all together, I know I am healing a lot of things for my future. Dealing with an unsure man comes with a lot of ego stroking. Hello older gentleman. Now I have to let him down with the follow me on instagram and never see you in person attitude. Wow who are you Karnesha? Law of Attraction babes, get back into it.


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