I didn't like the rush of the first episode, but for some reason I don't know why we didn't think it would be Nomi. Okay so the first episode was like, this is what I did while no one was looking, without proof, and now I am back better and still in the same spot with Beeves and Butthead. This is normally where I stop watching series because their is no growth in the story line or it lingers for too damn long. She still stuck between two guys and her career choice is suffering from the behind it. GIIIIIRRRRLLLLLLLL it more dick on campus. I think things like this happen in real life, but the plot is the same. So let's play a game of who is Zoey going to choose this season. Luka is way to in to himself and Aaron is a lover. But Nomi bitch,

"Grownish" Freeform 2020

I think the babydaddy is black because she need some minority inclusiveness. They were going to make her pay $20 cover charge to get in a party at her own house, which was double because she is was white. So yeah, the baby daddy is most definitely black. Glad she's over the professor, please let her be over the professor. That wasn't an good match. I don't know who wrote that into the script, but this is also sending those "to get over somebody you need to get under somebody" vibes as well. I am here for whatever you need to do to clean out your system. Nomi just went about it in a very "it only takes one time to get pregnant way" DAMN. Come on thursday.


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