I just could not with Rupaul and AJ. I am not a fan of disrespectful children. That is a pet peeve of mine, but because I am a fan of Ru I muscle through it. Then, Ru started playing this clueless role. I understand not having, children but taking a child to a hospital with no knowledge of the child. Come on you just need a scene. I believe this was suppose to be funny. Another thing that wasn't funny at all that made me want to cut the shit off, was when the little white girl threaten him with "you touch me" in order for him to say okay, Ill take you to Texas. I wanted to come through the tv. Things like that are not funny and she also include race by stating "who do you think they will believe the black guy or the little white girl". I was toooo fucking through at this point because it's not cute nor funny.


But I can not take away from Ru being a beautiful man. My favorite part was the wet white t-shirt contest. Who ever wrote that applause to you honey. That was good. Ru look good even with the pull back tape.

The blind guy was obnoxious. The pros were short lived. The truth. You should've told the truth the whole time. Save us the run around and it could've been a fabulous movie. and The End. That's exactly how it ended. Bye!


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