Tracee Ellis Ross The Hope and Inspiration for 2020

The start of a new year, new decade, was met with a lot of tears. At the end of twenty-nineteen, a lot of us had big ideas of a fresh start. We felt it in our spirits. Change is goin' to come. For me it was day one, for the world it was the twenty-sixth day of this year. With all of these tears I still am very hopeful for this year. I feel like a lot of us are still very hopeful for this year.

Within the first three months we have been united by difficulty and success. Let's shine a bit of light on those that have  something that they are proud of. First person that comes to mind is Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee is a light and she is an empowering woman. Born from a Diva Diana Ross, Tracee has adored her mother, like many of us. Just like a typical girl, we either want to be or do not want to be our mothers. Tracee wants to be her mother.

Tracee battled with filling the heels of Diana Ross, the actress, the singer, the diva, the mother.  Not because Diana embodied all of her titles because Tracee saw a super woman that embodied herself. 

Over the years we have watched Ms. Ellis Ross blossom into the boss. This boss of self and beauty, and has taking what her mother is and shown her, and created Tracee Ellis Ross.

In 2019, released her hair care product called "Pattern'. Tracee has been very vocal about how she has had problems in the pass with stylist on set, that are enable to style her hair. This is a norm in the black community. Everyone can not do hair. Damn the title.

The thing that I am most proud and inspired about Tracee is she sang. In her upcoming movie "The High Note" Tracee is sharing her voice to the world. I am excited to hear more of her voice. On Oprah's tour she explained how she revealed her voice to her mother.

Tracee grew up wanting to be a singer and was always afraid of her own voice. She was afraid of not sounding like her mom. She has come to the conclusion that she is not supposed to sound like her mother, but instead like Tracee. 

The story she shared of sharing her voice to her mom was joyful. She stated after the first note The Diana Ross, diva extraordinaire said "Finally" with a face full of tears. Tracee labelled it as one of the most beautiful moments in her life, and she is correct. The emotion of acceptance that filled her voice by the most influential person in her life was heartfelt. 

We all have people that influence us to be our best version of ourselves. Everything hits different when your allowed to self discover and it's received in an arms open wide manner.

Thank you Tracee for sharing this heart felt moment and inspiring us all to be be us and not a smaller conformed version.

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