Between new ingrown hairs being tucked behind swimsuit bottoms and leafs beginning to fall of trees, let's get into this wrap up of Hot Girl Summer. How was it for you? I had a blast, no new team players, better yet no team players at all. Just a summer of manifesting dreams. But check this shit out, after sitting on a boat of unfamiliar and fake familiars, there are a very distinct two type of black people at a party that deals with water. Yeah, you do have those gray area black folks that tries to mend the two, let's get into this majority.

So boom you have "The Black People That Do Not Get into the Water"! These folks literally get dressed not to touch the water, and yes they are in swim attire. "The cool kids". These are the types that indulged more so in the likes, comments, and validation of a good time via social media. Delusional if you ask me, but hey this is what makes social media social media. An illusion. After spending time roaming through the crowd asking "why are you not getting into the water", turns out these black folk do not know how to swim. Yikes! Is that still a thing in the black community? Do some of our cousins really not know how to swim? Well in that case social media it is.

Now on the very other end of the spectrum you have "The Black People That get into the water". In the words of most my interviewees "The Rebel". Literally the only reason for getting into the water is to not be "The Black Person who does not get in the water". To these black folk it meant living life to the fullest, whatever the fuck that means. Quick side note the water only came up to waist, unless you really want to live life to the fullest. I mean they went all out, letting initial bad weaves to get wet, other's taking photos of them in the murky water. SPLASH SPLASH BITCHES! And yes, I said murky. *inserts green emoji face*.

And lastly the "The Gray Area Black People", these are the "hey it's not that bad, you can stand up" people. No sis, or bruh, they were out there giving themselves a high possibility of a penis fish episode. Not really, the water just look like bacteria vaginonsis or penis fish episode. These are mingle type the ones that want the party to be everywhere. These are the people who do not understand that everyone's parting doesn't look social media. They are usually part of the "The Cool Kid" tribe. They try.

All in all it has to rain for Black people get wet at a pool party. With us being the most tapped into the weather people we will probably avoid that shit too. All while we are in clothes that are meant to get wet. I love us.

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